Post 5: What’s Family For…?

December 21, 2010 at 3:39 am (my stories:D)


WOW it’s been a while here’s post 5…

Oh And thanks Diva;* for all your help i appreciate it 7abeebty;**


Bibi: Rayoon…

Rayan: mino? Khara3teeny ti7achay! wayhich gam yaglib alwan!!!!

Bibi: Ummm… Huh? la it was  just your cousin fahad the guy we met gabil shway bil raya…

Rayan: Oh… Bibi ya shagoul khara3teeni 3abaly 3indich salfa!

Bibi: Hehe laa… *god what’s wrong with me* giltla you’ll call later… we got some shopping to do.

Wi9alna Avenues and we were wallking to Manoush i love that store. There were a bunch of dresses i loved, but they were too casual for a dinner.

So we went See By Chloe and i found this amazing short sleeved white knee length wrap dress with a line of ruffles on the end of the wrap. In my mind i paired it with my gold Louboutins and it looked PERFECT!

I grabbed the dress and headed to the cashier i payed. Then we headed to Pinkberry for a snack. Since it was a weekday it was quiet. I grabbed a table, while Rayan went and ordered for us…

I was checking my phone when i glanced up and saw him with her… happily married Reem’s hand in, what i used to call, my Bader’s hand… Great now my day’s ruined.

Rayan sat down and gave me my usual. She saw what i was looking at…

Rayan: Imshay! Let’s go!

We got up and ate on our way to the car… We got in and Rayan sped ot of the parking lot on to the highway.

Rayan: Do you wanna go somewhere?

Bibi: No, let’s go home…

As soon as we got home i threw myself on my bed and fell in a deep sleep. I woke up the next day feeling like crap, i had a massive headache.

I walked down to the kitchen and saw Jara7 and Rayan having one of their cheesy food fights again…

i walked past them to the fridge, grabbed some orange juice and sat on the table waiting for them to notice my presence…

Rayan: Hey… your up! You ok?

Jara7: Bibi… shiftay wayhich?

Bibi: La2 shfee wayhy?!

I rushed to the closet mirror to see panda eyes i didnt remove my make up yesterdayand it was smudged all around my eyes!

I ran back up the stairs into my bathroom too wash my face… when i was done i walked back down the stairs to the living room this time with mama, baba, Jara7 and Rayan… Jara7 started to chuckle and Rayan kept hitting  his arm for him to shut up… i got pissed so i yelled…


I stormed up to my room and slammed the door. i jumped on my bed and started crying again… then i heard a knock on my door…

…: Can i come in?

Bibi: Jara7 shtaby?! If your here to make fun of me please leave mali khilg…

Jara7 came in  with the most guilty look on his face. It’s been a while since he’d seen his sister this way…

Jara7: Bibi… hey look im sorry i was just joking around with… i dodnt mean to hurt you wallah sam7eeny… how about tanzileen tig3ideen ma3ana? i got you Ben and jerry’s chocolate fudge brownie…

He knew i couldnt not forgive him, neither can i resist Ben and Jerry’s. I looked at him and gave him a side smile… he jumped off my bed and said…

Jara7: Yallah where’s my hug 3ashan nanzil?!

I giggled, jumped on my bed and he gave me the tightest hug, then we headed down stairs together…


i hope you like this

until next time 😀



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Part4; ana brija kilmat aloo

September 6, 2010 at 7:15 am (Uncategorized)

umbaaay shakhbarii min ziman i didnt post!! bs i’ve been busy and i really wanted to write this post

here it goes…


Rayoooooon i still didnt find a dress 7ag il dinner shasawiii!!

Rayan: Bibi calm down smila 3alaich jismich 7ilw bsir3a tilgain lich!!

Bibi: umbaay wala shay maraina yama 3ijabnee jad let’s go some place else

Rayan: Avenues wala 360

Bibi: the closer one oo itha ma ligait inroo7 360 😛

rayan: yallah

On our way to avenues….

‘allah makbar ghalak yanbith bi7ibak foo2adii…’ Rayan’s phone rang

Rayan: B it3arfeen this number

Showing me her screen

Bibi: la wallah riday shoofay mino

Rayan; mabii akhaf  jara7 galii ma arid 3ala strange numbers

bibi; waaay yahal i7na!!!! 3a6eeni ana arid!

grabbing her phone not knowing who was on the other end……


Bibi; khair ikhoy

…; hatha raqam rayan il-y

Bibi; ee na3am mino 7athritik

…: ana fahad il-m wild khalatha

i felt like someone slapped me

bibi; umm fahad rayan mashqoola al7een i’ll tell her to call you back alright?

fahad; ee sure bs mino ma3ay al7een


fahad: aloo

bibi; uuhhh

fahad; are you still on the line?!?

bibi; umm ana  bibi 7amatha i’ll tell her to call you back

fahad;…. tislimeen

bibi; walaw … bye

fahad;…… bye

bibi; rayoon…


until next time

loads of love


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Part 3: The Bright Side;)

February 9, 2010 at 4:58 pm (Uncategorized)

Sorryyyyyy adree its been a couple of months 😀 bs i’m really busy 😀


Rayan and i were shopping at al-raya talking about the latest trends and etc.
rayan: umbay 7ada we should get minx tadreen since when i wanted to get minx

Me: when do u wanna go ??

Rayan: u’ll come with me?!?!?!

Me: yeah sure why not 😀

Rayan: ok how about next thursday??


Rayan: Bibi wain sira7tay ?? (snapping fingers at me)


Rayan: shfeech?

Me: mafeeni shay ?

Rayan: u knw ur gonna tell me sooner or later

Me: i choose later! (i answered hastely)  imshay hagen-daz

Rayan: fine imshay

Oh my god ishloon 9a6alt ib wayh il rayal maskeen 5ar3ta …… bs wait why did he stare back at me … why am i even thinking about it i dont look at guys i dont even think about looking at guys but why him ?? oh well let me enjoy my shopping spree ba3dain i’ll think about it

di5alna hagen-daz we both ordered our ice-creams and sat at a table inside, we thought we’d take a break til we get done with our snacks. then we started arguing about which shops to go to next

Me: rayoon min awal ma di5alana il raya kint baroo7 BCBG.

Rayan: inzain inoo7 a5ir shay

Me: mabi may9eer

Rayan: Bibi bala dala3  we have time

Me:shino hatha may9eer mali shi8il baroo7 BCBG

Rayan: tara wallah a5aleech itrideen ib taxi ;p

Me: iffffffffff fine bs baroo7

Rayan: fine


….: Rayan???

i looked up and it was….

Rayan: Fahad!!

the hottie ily tana7t ib wayha … wait did i call him hottie ??? :s

Fahad: intay wainich yal ga63a??

Rayan: wallah ana tizawajt oo inshi8alt 😀 inta ily wain min5ash lama al7een shalaihat;p

Fahad: la sha5bari min ziman mo rayi7 il shalaih kil bil jam3a wala ib sharikat uboy

Rayan: Ya7lailik kibarat 9irt tishti8il ;p shloon 5alti may?

Fahad : wallah ib5air il 7imdilla shloon 5alti noora ?

Rayan: ham ib5air

(the whole time ana ga3da imtan7a ib wayha)

Rayan looked back at me oo istaw3ibat ina she didnt introduce us 😀

Rayan: oh fahad this is Bibi my sister in law oo Bibi this Fahad wild 5alti may .

Fahad: tsharafna 😀

Me: il sharf kila ly 😀

why is he staring …… im turning into shades of red right now…… oo he’s still staring at me….. lok away Bibi look awaaaay …

Rayan: yallah Bibi let’s go 3ashan yamdina inrid imbacher 3ashan jara7 ma yakilna. oo u knw itha 3a9ab ra7 agi6ha ib rasich ;p

Me: 3adi i got used to it ;p

Fahad: Yallah 3ayal a5aleekum.

Rayan: ok. Oh and can u gie my number 7ag sara i changed it 😀

Fahad: bs la tig6i3een.

Rayan: inshalla. Oh and why dont u come to our dinner party next week u have my number just call me and give me a reply.

Fahad : inshalla

and he imply walks away……. umbay iyanin he’s such a gentleman…… wait did rayan just invite him to our dinner party 😮


Until Next Time 😀

Geraninium;** XD

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Thank You;**

January 9, 2010 at 3:24 am (Uncategorized)

Sunset & N: thnx for the boost bs i  couldnt continue the first one.;)

Identity: min tho8ich 7abeebty:)

R.AlH;*: 7ayatie thank you wallah you mean alot ;****

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Part2: the ones that hurt u most…

January 9, 2010 at 3:19 am (my stories:D)

 i would wake up with the baddest head ache for months

i would cry all night

 i never expected Bader

my soul mate

betray me

why would he do that

yes she was my best friend

yes she was the sister i never had

she was my best friend

she still is the reason im lonely

she’s still the reason im lifeless

she killed me inside

she killed my dream

reem was someone i would never leave for anything

i would die for her i never knew she was just using me


jara7 was my older brother he was my other father

he was the one id turn to when i needed someone to lean onhe was my best friend

he just got married to a beautiful 25 year young lady

he knew everthing about me

he would tease rayan(his wife)by spoiling me to have fun

but we both knew what he was trying to do

after what reem did to me rayan really helped keep my hopes high 

before jara7 got married i was lifeless i would cry all night but that was after reem ruined the old me

 she was going to marry him try to ruin my life

do i deserve this

im happy for them but why didnt he go to her first why did he play with my heart as if  it was a soccer ball

i would never say no to him i would follow every demand he gave me i would make him my king my knighth in shinning armour

but today i saw someone that changed my life i saw someone that blew my mind away did he notice me the way i did




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Happy New Year Humans;****************

January 1, 2010 at 2:48 am (Uncategorized)

Happy new year oo 3asa rabi yij3al hal sinna kilha sa3ada oo yib3id il 7izin 3an kil insan

oo inshalla u the greatest new year day everrrrrrrr ;*****
my this year be as soft as silk
and white as milk
and sweet as honey


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December 28, 2009 at 3:10 am (my stories:D)

i waited so long for u

u left me hanging for 2 years

i waited

2 years not looking at cute guys because of u

u were the only one i would look at and smile

i would look at a guy and say no my one and only is waaaaaaaaaay cuter

i’d smile at the pictures of u and say u’ll come back

but after 2 years i hear the worst news ever

i hear the news that made happy for u

but made me cry for all the time i wasted for u

cry for my loneliness for 2 years

i cry for waiting

for leaving my friends and family behind and u always came first

but no im not wasting my time on u any more

im moving on

im finding the one that truley loves me

im finding a person that would really make me smile

a person that appreciates me 

im gonna get married before u marry her and leave me

ill leave u

but can i

can i really look at another man the wy i look at u

i hate u for confusing me

mentally and emotionly

i hate u for throwing me into a maze and i dont knw where to go right now i wanna scream yell do anything i want u to be mine and mine only

i dont wanna share u

i  want u to hold me again i want u to love me like u used to

i want u to lift me up like before

when i knew that i was secure between ur hands i wanna be with u and u only

i love u ….


i dont i used to love you but knw i might not love anyone else but i do love myself and my family

i lost all my friends because of u i even lost my best friend of 18 years just because of

and now i proudly say



luvkum as usual:D so tell me what do u think

i think i wanna continue this one its way less complicated

so which one do u like


geraninium***:** XD

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December 27, 2009 at 8:14 pm (randomXD)

Ya nas ya 3alam is normal for a human to get bored and say  no to 6al3a while they’re bored

well ana 9ayra at7al6am 3ala my mom iny malait oo lama itgooli 6ilay agoolaha mali 5ilg

what is it ??:S

am i just pmsing or something??:S

ohhhh well just felt writing a random post so i did 😀



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I Need 2 Knw

December 18, 2009 at 2:22 am (randomXD)

ppl plzzzzzzzzzzzz tell me what u think:

 akmil or not

start a new story or not

i need ur help

encourage me plzzzzzzzz(A)



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boyat +o(

December 10, 2009 at 4:35 pm (randomXD)


so i wanna knw what u thik about boyat cause today kinna ray7een il shi3ib oo kan fee majmoo3a girls from college o min thimnhum boyat ( i was with my skool) il muhim wa7da min il boyat kil shway tit7arash ib wa7da feenaoo i7na imansheen oo a5ershay ingalbat 6ag uhma 6igoo our girls ooina we tr to runto ourcars bs moratheen e5loona inroo7.

how would u react?

 seriously these people are tashing this country shino ya3nee 6ag oo huash 3ala ayshay bs ma agool illa lla yahdeehum.

oo i think parents should be more protective of teir kids la2ina il deera malha aman anymore

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